Teaching and Living in Kuwait

Teaching Jobs in Kuwait Offer Prosperous and Enriching Experiences

On the shores of the Arabian Gulf is Kuwait–one of the smallest, and most prosperous countries in the world. The country boasts economic prosperity, oil industry wealth and low unemployment rates, meaning that it offers many opportunities for teachers looking to make a good salary and experience a different culture. Kuwait residents believe in making international education a priority for their children, so international teaching positions are always growing, and there are several private and international schools that are consistently hiring teachers. Teaching jobs in Kuwait also come with tax-free salaries, opportunities for advancement and in some cases, benefits packages.

Working in this small country means teachers who take on teaching jobs in Kuwait can freely explore the deserts, shorelines and attractions; there are no travel restrictions within the country, and the crimes rates are low. Because of its size, there aren't any extreme temperature fluctuations from region to region; temperatures are hot and humid in the summer with slightly cooler temperatures in the winter months (between October and April). Many residents like to spend time in air-conditioned shopping malls, museums and resorts to avoid the heat, although there are many outdoor attractions to explore as well, including beaches and architectural attractions.

As with traveling anywhere in the world, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of the culture before you arrive to your teaching job in Kuwait. Although Kuwait is generally safe, being aware of your surroundings, especially if you are walking alone, is recommended best practice for any major city. Women should not walk alone at night and travel with someone else if possible. You should not get in the middle of any political protests or demonstrations if they occur. Travel by registered taxi or a hired driver to get around, and don't flag a taxi from the side of the road, as driving in Kuwait can be hectic.

With a population of about 3.5 million, Kuwait culture is mostly based in Islamic and Arab traditions. Travelers and international placement agencies hiring teachers should respect local customs and dress conservatively with covered shoulders and knees for women. There is also no alcohol at all permitted in Kuwait; residents do not drink, so there is less of an emphasis on social activities surrounding drinking than there is in North America.

People in Kuwait are welcoming, but business is usually conducted only when a relationship of trust has been established. Also, men outnumber women about 2:1 in Kuwait, although there are more women in the workforce than other Gulf countries. When getting to know a new place that is hiring teachers, you should always respect the local customs and traditions so as not to offend, especially during religious times.