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How to Get Started?

To benefit from our services, please visit our website at and click on Employers Service Request for Asia and complete the request form or email us at: with your contact details.

ITP UK Office Contact:
Telelphone: +44 (0)7754 819 037

ITP Canada Office Address:
134-555-Legget Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
Tel # +1 613-592-5858

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Who Are We?

At International Teachers Plus we have over 20 years hands-on Human Resources experience in Canada and Internationally. ITP team members have extensive practical years of teaching experience, knowledge in education and human resources in your region. We believe we have the expertise and know-how to recommend the most suitable teachers and trainers to your school and organizations.

We have Recruitment Consultants both in Canada and the UK at your service to assist you access our vast network and data base of internationally certified teachers and trainers.


Why Come to Us?

We believe our in-depth understanding of the issues associated with recruiting international staff and regional education requirements will be a PLUS.

We do this by establishing a long term partnership and providing comprehensive and customized recruitment solutions addressing your specific school and organization requirements.

Successful partnerships require open and honest communication. We will provide you with detailed profile of our recommended candidates. We believe that successful placements are all about ensuring realistic expectations and providing professional support to both our candidates and clients.

We have a proven track record of assisting leading organizations internationally attract and retain qualified and experienced staff.

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission is to help students achieve their full academic potential and access an innovative and balanced international education for life-long benefit to themselves, families and communities.
  • Our Objective

    Our Objective is to contribute in bringing the best international teaching and learning practices to International schools and organizations by attracting Role Model Educators who can inspire students.
  • Our Values

    Our Values are to promote high standards of teaching and learning opportunities respectful of the social, cultural values and aspirations of the people internationally.

Our Plus Services

We will provide you with Role Model Educators who can inspire your students to excel and are willing to commit teaching with you for a minimum of 2 years.

As your partner in teaching and learning, we offer you a full recruitment solution. Our Plus services include:

  • Advertising, head hunting and networking services
  • Short listing and conducting initial screening interviews
  • Recommending experienced and professional candidates with a proven record and qualifications
  • Ensuring that our recommended candidates meet personal suitability checks before joining your school
  • Submitting a detailed spreadsheet of our candidates along with visa required documentation before leaving their home countries
  • Organizing HR and Cultural orientation sessions and information kits
  • Providing travel assistance to the assigned country

We guarantee our candidates during their probation period and will replace them free of charge if their performance is below your standard.

We will also be at your service to mediate any conflict that might arise with our recommended candidates.

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