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Taking a teaching jobs in Bahrain may be the greatest adventure of your life. The Kingdom of Bahrain consits of low lying islands located in the Arabian Gulf off the Eastern shore of Saudi Arabia. Today, the modern Arabic name “Bah-rain” still retains this meaning – “two waters”, it’s landscape is a tapestry of marvelous old sites and colorful traditional markets dotted between modern skyscrapers and buildings. While relatively small in population, land area and resources, Bahrain has achieved a high level of social and economic development over a short period of time. Consult our billboard to find teaching jobs in Manama Bahrain.

Looking for teaching jobs in Bahrain? Bahrain has one of the oldest public education systems in the Arabian Peninsula. In 1930, the Bahraini government took responsibility for two boys’ primary public schools, in turn establishing the public education system.  Subsequently, separate girls' schools and various universities were established in the 20th century. According to data from the 2010 census, the literacy rate of Bahrain stands at 94.6%. As of 2008, education expenditure accounts for 2.9% of Bahrain's GDP.

Public Schools: In the 1986 and 1987 academic years, 88,152 students attended 139 different public schools. Education in the public system, which included six-year primary schools, three-year intermediate schools, and three-year secular secondary schools, is amazingly free. Students receive uniforms, supplies, meals, and transportation to and from school free of charge. 

Almost all children in the six- to eleven-year-old age-group attend primary school, and about two-thirds of all twelve- to fourteen-year-olds are enrolled in intermediate schools. In the academic year of 2008/2009 the number of public classes in Bahrain (including religious classes) were 4326, with the number of male students 62,381 and female students 63,233. with a distribution of 62,172 in primary classes, 32,327 in preparatory classes (junior high) and 31,115 in secondary schools.

Private Schools: In addition to the public education system, there are 48 private and religious schools in the Middle East, including the accredited Bahrain International School, operated by the U.S. and offering classes from primary school to secondary school. In 1988, there were 5,000 teachers, of whom 65 percent were native to Bahrain. Egyptians were the largest group of foreign teachers. Bahrain is also home to St Christopher's School, which the Guardian has named as one of the eight best international schools in the world, the only school in the Middle East to make the list.

Land Area 770sq km
Population 1,101,230
Key Sectors:
Main export Oil, Aluminium, Financial services.
Currency Bahraini Dinar (USD 1 = BD 0.376)
Time zone GMT +3

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