Teach a Language, Learn a Culture: Get the Most out of Teaching Abroad Programs

Teach a Language, Learn a Culture: Get the Most out of Teaching Abroad Programs

Participating in teaching abroad programs is increasing in popularity as word gets out on the amazing opportunities to travel, learn about different cultures, and gain valuable teaching experience. If you have the desire to embark on a new adventure that will benefit you and your students, there are thousands of international teaching jobs available. Here's how to make the most out of your time teaching abroad:

Gain valuable experience

Whether you plan on making a career out of teaching, or you are simply looking for a new experience, teaching abroad programs look wonderful on a resume. In North America, teaching jobs can be difficult to find, and require sitting on long waiting lists. Teaching abroad, no matter how simple the subject, requires communicating across cultural and language barriers, and demonstrates strong leadership skills - things that recruiters look for. If you pick up the local language, that will only be an asset on your CV.

Experience a new culture

Chances are, if you are considering an international teaching job, you are interested in travel. Teaching abroad programs are often up to a year in length, giving you plenty of time to immerse yourself in a new culture and experience its nuances. A year will give you enough time to participate in local holidays, festivals, and ceremonies. You will have time to sample the food, learn much of the language, and become an expert in the culture of the community. You will form relationships with local people and make important international connections that can benefit your future career.

Serious savings

Many international teaching jobs will offer attractive incentives to recruit desirable candidates. These incentives are often financial. Attractive salaries (often tax-free) combined with low cost of living can result in some serious savings by the time you head home. Housing, annual round-trip airfare, and health insurance are often also provided. This means you can live comfortably, while experiencing all that the local culture has to offer, and saving money for your future. That's a pretty sweet deal!

See the world

One of the best advantages of teaching abroad programs is the travel opportunities your new home will allow. Having a home base in Europe, Asia, or the Middle East means traveling to other countries in the area for a fraction of the price. You are poised to take advantage of a myriad of cultural experiences right outside your doorstep, and come back home a world traveler.