International Teachers Plus

Learn about our teaching recruitment agency and Why you should contact us

At International Teachers Plus, we differentiate ourselves from other teacher recruitment agencies because we believe in adding a PLUS in serving the international teachers community and their new schools. We do this by establishing Teacher-Employer Partnerships and providing services based on mutual understanding and respect for the students, parents and school needs.

  • Successful partnerships require open and honest communication. We tell you what to expect when teaching abroad and what not to expect. We believe that successful placements are all about ensuring realistic expectations for both teacher and school.
  • With over 20 years hands-on Human Resources experience in Canada and overseas, we believe our indepth understanding of the issues associated with relocating and working abroad will be a PLUS. We do this by providing comprehensive recruitment services starting from the application to first day on the job.
  • We have assisted leading organizations build their HR capacity and structures and to attract and retain qualified teachers and staff. Our hands-on experience sets us as one of the leading international teacher recruitment agency.
  • Our teacher recruitment services have been successful in offering new jobs and rewarding careers to thousands of teachers by understanding the positions and the regional education requirements.
  • Our team includes educators and professionals with many years of international teaching and school management experience. Our team will definitively add value in assisting teachers willing to expand their teaching and learning skills and to experience a life rewarding journey abroad. We can help you realize your project. Don't wait, contact us today!


Our Mission

Our Mission is to help students achieve their full academic potential and access an innovative and balanced international education for life-long benefit to themselves, families and communities.

Our Objective

Our Objective is to contribute in bringing the best international teaching and learning practices to your school by attracting Role Model Educators who can inspire students.

Our Values

Our Values are to promote high standards of teaching and learning opportunities respectful of the social, cultural values and aspirations of our client schools.