Why Should Consider Saudi Arabia As Your Next Destination For Teaching Career

Why Should Consider Saudi Arabia As Your Next Destination For Teaching Career

If you've ever dreamed of living in a country full of sand dunes, camels, and falcons, then you should consider teaching English in Saudi Arabia.

The country is known for its rich history and culture, and it has become a popular destination for expats looking to teach abroad. Here are some reasons why you should consider Saudi Arabia for your next job:

Education growth in Saudi Arabia

Although Saudi Arabia’s public school system is one of the largest in the world, it still cannot keep up with the demand of parents that want their children to learn English. Some workaround that by enrolling their children in after-school, private classes. However, other parents are willing to pay for a more intensive learning environment that includes foreign teachers and native speakers.

The education sector in Saudi Arabia has continued to expand in recent years as the population grows. The education sector is a top priority for the Saudi government because they know it will help shape their country’s future. As of today, Saudi Arabia has over 30,000 schools (both public and private), which serve a million students every year.

As you can see from these statistics alone, getting a job teaching in Saudi Arabia can be very lucrative.

The demand for teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia

There are many reasons why you should consider teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia, the most important of which is the demand for English teachers. In Saudi Arabia, children and young adults are required to study English as part of their school curriculum, and this has translated into a massive need for English-speaking teachers.

The economy of Saudi Arabia is expected to grow by nearly 5% in 2022 and will continue to do so with an average rate of 4.5%. This growth is largely due to Vision 2030 which was recently launched by the Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman. The crown prince's objective is to diversify the Saudi economy and create new jobs.

Saudi Arabia has announced a $3.2 trillion investment plan over the next 8 years with 70 percent of it directed to increase non oil economic activity. The goal is to transition to a knowledge-based economy where the industry will drive non oil sectors of the national economy instead of relying on oil for government revenue.

Saudi Arabia's booming economy has created a demand for more employees and professionals who speak English as well as Arabic. In addition to the high literacy rate, more and more private schools have been opening their doors to cater to the growing number of families who can afford it.

The culture of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia offers a unique experience that will be different from your current situation at home. You'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself into a new environment and culture with its own traditions and customs.

Saudi Arabian culture is amazing and safe for teachers. The people are very friendly and welcoming, especially to foreigners. They love to share their culture with others and teach them about Islam and Arabic traditions. You will not only learn about the history of this country but also learn how it differs from other cultures around the world such as western cultures like America or Europe.

The country of Saudi Arabia is steeped in history and culture. It's also home to some amazing tourist attractions, including the ruins of Madain Saleh, which are similar to those found at Petra in Jordan. Madain Saleh was built by the Nabatean people between the 1st century BC and 1st century AD.

It's also home to plenty of other archeological sites which make it one of the most visited countries in the world. There's also the Islamic holy city of Medina, which includes everything you need for your spiritual journey: mosques, open spaces, and traditional markets selling everything from clothing to foodstuffs.


Teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia will open new doors for you. You'll get the chance to experience a new culture as well as make friends from different parts of the world. You can even use this experience as a stepping stone to move on to other exciting places. Teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia are ideal for those who are just starting out their careers or those who have been working for years and have decided that it's time for something new.

Why consider teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia?

There are a number of reasons to consider teaching in Saudi Arabia, but first and foremost is the fact that the country is a great place to save money. The high salaries that teachers earn in Saudi Arabia are tax-free, allowing you to save up to 90% of your salary while living there, depending on where you live.