Teaching Jobs in UAE


Teaching in UAE (United Arab Emirates) is a fantastic way to live overseas and get paid to be a world traveler! You will have the opportunity to experience a fascinating land, hospitable people, and unique culture firsthand. You will see breathtaking desert sights, sample ancient local cuisine; and make friends for a lifetime. Consult our international teaching jobs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Teaching Jobs in UAE – Dubai – Abu Dhabi

Looking for teaching jobs in UAE? Teaching in UAE is one of the most rewarding teaching experiences one could possibly have. You will also have plenty of time to explore this emerging and vibrant young country and have a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a lively and fascinating culture with diverse people. You will take with you lifelong memories of great international experiences and intercultural exchange.

The UAE Federation was formed on 2 December 1971 as a fully independent state with seven autonomous emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain and Ajman. The length of the coastal line forms 42% of the total length of the border line. The regional waters are generally shallow, with an average depth of 35 meters and are characterized by abundant coral reefs rich with pearls, mussel and famous for its richness in fisheries. The desert landscape contrasts with 700 kilometers of coast line.
The UAE has one of the highest GDP per head in the world. Although it is still heavily dependent on revenues from petroleum production, the UAE has now successfully moved towards economic diversification (especially tourism), large foreign exchange reserves and overseas investments.
The total 8.26 million residents are comprised of multinational and multiethnic backgrounds. Less than 20% of the population are UAE citizens referred to as Emiratis, more than one-third are South Asian, and a significant number are from Europe and others part of the world. Arabic is the first language and English is the most dominant and common language. Islam is the official religion. Other world religions are tolerated and have their own places of worship.
The development of a world-class education system with a large and empowered private education sector is a key priority for UAE. Private education has a significant presence in UAE offering a range of curriculums, including: International Baccalaureate (IB), UAE Ministry of Education, British, American, Canadian and French amongst others. The UAE government aspires to change the Emirate into a knowledge-based, innovative society.  Its vision is to encourage the pursuit of knowledge and discovery, while staying connected to the global society and economy, and respecting the culture and heritage of the Emirate.
Teaching in Dubai or Abu Dhabi is like being in a hot paradise. The climate on the coast is dry and sub-tropical with very hot and humid summers (May to October); where temperatures can reach 46C. Winters are mild and wonderful, with temperatures ranging between 14 and 23C.

There are plenty of things to do while teaching in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. The United Arab Emirates is one of the world’s youngest nations. Traditional forms of art and culture are preserved while modern architecture mixes the old with the new. The desert climate, warm seas and lovely beaches make it a popular tourist destination. Abu Dhabi is a modern city, the capital of the United Arab Emirates and the center of government and business life in the UAE. Abu Dhabi is the largest of the seven Emirates and the most populated. Followed by Dubai, as a cosmopolitan city with many famous world iconic attractions. Sharjah is the third largest emirate in UAE considered the cultural capital of the UAE with the largest “University City”, many fascinating art galleries and local museums.

Attractions range from the only 7 star hotel in the world to the beautiful wildlife conservations and sanctuaries. The souqs, traditional markets, which were once the center of life in the UAE, are an essential place to visit. Many of them have been preserved in their original state, giving a picturesque impression of what life in the UAE used to be like. Dates, camels, Arabian horses and falconry are still important aspects of life in the UAE today. The desert landscape contrasts with 700 kilometers of coast line. Coral reefs, sandbanks and small islands do not only attract tourists, but they also contribute to make moving to the UAE a fascinating and exciting experience.

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