Why You Should Consider Teaching In The Middle East

There are many reasons why so many people consider teaching internationally: it's a great way to travel and to see new places, not only as a tourist but as a long-term resident. The opportunity right now to teach in the Middle East, however, is full of so many more benefits than just the chance to see the land.

teach in the Middle East

Here are just a few of the reasons why teaching in the Middle East is something any prospective international educator should consider:

1. The demand. International teachers are always welcome in other countries, but right now there are thousands of vacant teaching jobs in Dubai and other major cities that need to be filled. The UAE needs to hire 75,000 teachers by 2015 if they are to reach their goal of universal education. Taking a teaching job in Dubai, or teaching in the Middle East elsewhere, is not only beneficial for you – it's incredibly important for the area's future.

With over 95,000 school-aged children, the UAE needs more teachers in order to properly educate and prepare their students to be successful community members down the road.

2. The culture. Immersing yourself in another culture is always a great way to grow and learn. Teaching in the Middle East is an opportunity to experience a variety of different cultures and traditions. In addition, with so many available teaching jobs in Dubai, there are also several chances to live in one of the world's most fascinating cities.

3. The experience. Teaching, for many, is not a career: it's a passion. Working a teaching job in Dubai or another of the area's cities is a great way to gain experience, but it's also an opportunity to use your skills to really make a difference in the lives of the children.
Teaching in the Middle East can open a lot of doors for yourself as an educator, but it will open even more doors for the students. Having an education is one of the fastest ways to improve the state of a country, and you can help be a part of that by taking a teaching job in Dubai or another city.