Why Teach? 5 Reasons Teaching Abroad is a Good Move

Why Teach? 5 Reasons Teaching Abroad is a Good Move

Got a bachelor's degree but aren't sure what to do next? Consider teaching abroad.

Why teach? And if you're going to teach, why do it overseas? 

There are a few reasons. For one, teachers in places like the UK and USA are stressed. They're burning out and leaving the field.

But teach abroad programs are something else. Teaching English in another country is different than teaching English lit to high school sophomores in Kansas. 

Teaching has its challenges wherever you go. But going abroad offers a unique experience that you can't replicate domestically.

Read on for five reasons teaching abroad might make sense for you. 

1. It Changes Your Outlook

Let's say you're from the United States. If so, then you're used to viewing things a certain way. You're also likely surrounded by people who have the same outlook and perspective as you.

But in another country, you're the outsider. People look to you as a representation of what all Americans or Britons or Canadians are like.

If that may not seem fair, well, congratulations. You're learning what it's like for immigrants and expatriates everywhere. 

2. It Improves Your Foreign Language Skills

Taking three or four semesters of a foreign language isn't enough for most people to speak it fluently. If you want to master a language, you need to immerse yourself in an environment where everyone is speaking it. 

Teaching English in another country comes with challenges. It can be lonely and demanding.

But it helps to know that you aren't only helping people learn. You're also doing plenty of learning yourself. 

3. Demand is High

In places like the U.S., there's a demand for teachers. But it's highest in areas like math and special education. 

But overseas, it's a much different story. Demand is high in Middle Eastern countries like Bahrain and China. There's also a need in places like China. 

4. You Can Save Money

For many, teaching overseas makes more sense than doing it at home. You may receive free or reduced-cost living. Other expenses should also get covered.

That gives you the chance to save up money and pay off student loans. If you're lucky enough to not have student loans, then you can save the money for something else. 

Teach abroad programs won't make you rich. But a year or two of teaching in another country can be enough to improve your financial situation.

5. It Bolsters Your Resume

Teaching looks good on your resume. It looks even better if you've been teaching overseas.

Of course, a resume boost isn't the only reason. Why do you want to teach? You should have a better answer than "Because there's nothing else to do."

Like a lot of things, you'll get about as much as you put in. Don't do it if you aren't prepared to work hard. Your students are counting on you to give it everything you've got. 

Why Teach?

At this point, you should have a decent answer to the question, "Why teach?" If you don't, it's OK to keep thinking about it a bit longer.

You may be able to take a vacation abroad on a whim. But teaching abroad is another thing. It's a major commitment that requires a lot more than an active passport.

It's natural to have questions. We'd love to help answer them, so contact us today.