Tips To Remember When Teaching English In The UAE

If you’ve got a natural tendency to develop wanderlust after a too long a stay in one place, teaching English as a second language in foreign countries is a great way to see the world. There are a multitude of places you could potentially find work: Japan, Spain, Brazil or virtually any country where English isn’t the language of choice. However, English teachers are in high demand in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) right now, and chances are a qualified teacher could find work there in a heartbeat. Finding a teaching job in Abu Dhabi, or even a teaching job in Bahrain, is an easy thing to do right now, and so if you’re looking for international work, that could be your dream come true.

However, immersing yourself in another culture is always a challenge, but being a teacher in a major city in the UAE requires even more effort when it comes to behaving appropriately. If you take a teaching job in Abu Dhabi or a teaching job in Bahrain, it’s a good idea to take some time to learn how you’re going to not only fit in, but connect with your students.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when teaching in the UAE:

Research.Doing your research is a good idea whenever you’re travelling to a foreign place, but it’s especially important if you’ve taken a teaching job in Abu Dhabi or a teaching job in Bahrain. The UAE has a very different and often unexpected set of social codes that most travellers aren’t aware of. For example, many places in the UAE frown upon public displays of affection, and international tourists have even been temporarily jailed for kissing in public. While not all of their customs are this extreme, it’s important to look up laws and social codes before you plan to live, or teach, in another country.

Attitude matters.Having the right attitude when you’re teaching a new language to a group of people is incredibly important. How can you expect someone to get excited about learning English if their teacher makes it seem like a chore? When applying for a teaching job in Abu Dhabi or a teaching job in Bahrain, be honest with yourself: do you really have what it takes? Students are much more likely to take an interest and learn more quickly if their teacher is passionate about the subject. However, it’s also important to strike a balance between passion and professionalism, especially in the UAE. They want to be inspired, but they also have to trust that you know what you’re doing.

Have Fun.Landing a teaching job in Abu Dhabi or a teaching job in Bahrain is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it’s probably an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life. So, in between classes, make sure you take advantage of everything the area has to offer. See the sights, try the food, meet new people - do whatever you can to make the most of your time there. It’s not every day you get to live in such an incredible place.