Teaching in Abu Dhabi and Qatar: What It Takes To Be A Good Teacher

Teaching in Abu Dhabi and Qatar: What It Takes To Be A Good Teacher

Being a teacher is not for everyone: it takes a special sort of person to inspire children to love learning. Teaching internationally, though, in places like the United Arab Emirates (UAE), can be even tougher. With obstacles like the foreign land, the different culture and, sometimes, the language barrier, teaching in Abu Dhabi or teaching in Qatar can be a challenge.

The right person, though, can break through all of those obstacles and effectively teach any set of children. Here are some of the important qualities that can be found in every great teacher.

1. Passion

To be a really great teacher, passion is required, especially when you’re teaching in Abu Dhabi or teaching in Qatar.
Seeing a teacher who is passionate about teaching can inspire kids to want to learn and continue learning throughout their lives. There’s a big difference between someone who loves to teach and someone who doesn’t, and fun, creative and spontaneous lessons can be a great way to engage students.

2. Knowledge

The best teachers are always the ones who know their subject backwards and forwards, and who are able to answer any questions that students might have. Kids are inquisitive, and often want to know the logic behind a subject.
When teaching in Abu Dhabi, teaching in Qatar or teaching in any other foreign city, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of what you intend to teach.

3. A way with kids

If you’re going to be spending most of your time around them, trying to engage them in a subject, being naturally good with kids is important.
It is even more difficult to form a relationship with foreign students: they can sometimes be wary of international teachers.
When teaching in Abu Dhabi or teaching in Qatar, having a natural way with kids can help the experience go from good to life-changing, for both you and the students.

4. A good work ethic

Teaching in a foreign place is often difficult. With the foreign climate and culture, some days can be draining. Having a strong work ethic is important to get you through those tougher days, to make sure your students are getting the best education they can, every day.