Securing Teaching Jobs in Qatar

Securing Teaching Jobs in Qatar

What you should know for your first time

It's always an adventure travelling to another part of the world. You get to try new foods, see new places, meet locals, and experience life in a completely different way. For many young people, this is first experienced when they get a teaching job in another country. It serves as a rite-of-passage job for many young people after they've graduated from school. One of the most popular places for young people to find a teaching job is in Qatar. Qatar has become a major player in the Middle East during the last decade and as a result, the demand for teaching jobs is higher than ever. Since it's one of the most popular locations for jobs teaching English, let's take a look at what you need to know before you embark on your adventure.


Teaching jobs in Qatar require an appropriate level of experience in order to obtain a position. Depending on where you're from, you'll need to have a valid license or teaching certificate in order to be able to teach in Qatar. Like anywhere else, experience is also an asset when applying for teaching jobs in Qatar. Three years of teaching experience will go a long way to securing you that coveted teaching job.


The salary for being a licensed teacher in Qatar can range from $2,400 - $3,700/month (9,000 – 14,000 QR/month). This is pretty standard, but in some cases it's possible to find teaching jobs in Qatar that pay more if you can offer a higher level of experience. Some of the best schools will offer other benefits such as housing (or a housing allowance), healthcare, round trip flights back home, and transportation allowances.


The culture in Qatar is largely synonymous with Islam. It's important to be observant of what that means for a visitor from a foreign country. All residents are expected to dress modestly, which means knees and shoulders are covered at all times. Another thing you will notice is that Qatari people will not eat pork or consume alcohol because of their religion. If you aren't Muslim, these things may be difficult for you to adjust to in the beginning, however, Qatar is a lovely place filled with wonderful attractions, cultural landmarks, and people. It's all about getting out of your comfort zone and making the effort to make friends in your school so you have some people to enjoy the country with.

Doing your research is always an important step to take before travelling to another country, especially to a country you plan on working in and staying in for a prolonged period of time. Make sure you have a firm understanding of what the job requires, what you'll be getting out of it, and the important aspects of the local culture. Following these steps will leave you well-prepared for what's sure to be a fantastic new experience.