Reasons to Teach in Qatar

Reasons to Teach in Qatar

Teaching in Qatar is one of the most rewarding experiences you could have. One of the most multi-cultural, modern, and vibrant countries in the Middle East, it is truly a place like no other. Intermittent with your day-to-day, watch camel races, explore some of the world’s most modern architecture, and soak up pure and beautiful sunshine! It’s no surprise that Qatar is one of the top destinations for teachers going abroad.

Here are a few reasons why:

A Mecca for Expats

Doha, Qatar’s capital city, is the perfect place to meet international travellers. Qatar is one of the most progressive countries in the Middle East, and, with about 88% of its population being foreign workers, is filled with expats from all over the world. After your workweek, finding friends will be easy.

No Shortage of Teaching Jobs

When it comes to profitable teaching jobs, Qatar is still an untapped source. Because Doha is such an attractive city to expats, it is constantly welcoming new children into the education system. What’s more, Qatar has become a significant player in education innovation, and is investing large sums of money into education programs across the country. Not only are jobs bountiful, they pay well, too. Elementary teachers with two years of experience can be paid upwards of $5,000…per month.

More than Sand

Although your perception of Qatar may conjure up images of camels and sand, there is much more to this country than meets the eye. In your leisure time, choose from a variety of new and exciting outdoor activities, like sailing, kayaking, visiting some of Qatar’s beautiful beaches, rock climbing, and camping out in the desert. There is always adventure to be found in Qatar.

Learn a New Language

There is no better place to learn Arabic than while teaching at a school in Qatar. Modern Standard Arabic is one of the world’s easiest languages to master. For those hoping to carry on and teach elsewhere in the Middle East, it’s the ideal language to learn. 

Travel Easily

Due to its proximity to other high-traffic countries, like India, Jordan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, and The Maldives, Qatar is a highly sought-after location for teachers looking to go abroad. Flights to these hot-spot destinations are relatively inexpensive, and take no more than a few hours. From jungles, to beaches, to vast mountain peaks, there’s a destination for everyone in a country nearby.

Teaching in Qatar is a life-changing experience. From the rich and diverse culture, to a beautiful natural landscape, to the stunning modern architecture of the city, you’re sure to have a trip you’ll never forget. International Teachers Plus is a recruitment agency that can help you find a teaching job in Doha or Qatar. For more information about living in Qatar, or to check out our teaching job vacancies, get in touch today!