Ready for the Opportunity: Teaching Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Ready for the Opportunity: Teaching Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Listening to my colleague talk about how proud he was of his daughter, and of her teaching job in Abu Dhabi, was almost as fun as believing that I too, one day, could experience the same adventure!

Indeed, after many years of looking for employment in any field with my History degree, I was somewhat puzzled as to what my next career move could be. I must admit I did have high expectations, and the economy in North America was not working in my favour.

I began feeling somewhat resigned to going back to school when a colleague of mine happened to tell me that his daughter was teaching French as a second language in Abu Dhabi. He could not help but mention the high standard of living she was now accustomed to as a result, and how much her skills were in demand in that country.

I began feeling a surge of interest in teaching programs abroad, and teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi in particular. He invited me to have a coffee that same week, so he could help me in my quest for a meaningful and fulfilling career.

As we drank coffee, I was told how she felt that Abu Dhabi reminded her of Ottawa: a big city which does not need to impose itself as a metropolis, but a town in which you can easily meet and become friends with many people.

Undeniably, many people who decide to take their life and career in their own hands to work in the United Arab Emirates have confided to me that returning to their normal life in Canada can be somewhat scary, as they enjoy the lifestyle, weather and working conditions (such as a tax-free salary).

I was also informed that, with the help of a reputable agency offering teaching programs in the Middle East, you can be supported throughout your stay in your host country. My colleague asked me: "why not give it a try?"

If you have teaching qualifications on top of a university degree in a subject such as math, sciences, or modern languages, schools offering teachings jobs in Abu Dhabi can be your home away from home sooner than you think!

Certainly, as a qualified teacher in a reputable school abroad, you will find other expatriates just like you, a friendly local staff and of course, students who will see you as a mentor.

After I had coffee with my colleague, I was left with a decision to make: am I ready to take on this adventure? What about you?