Making Your Mark on the World

Making Your Mark on the World

There are a myriad of reasons people reach out to international recruitment agencies when exploring employment possibilities.  Opportunity, advancement and adventure probably all rank high in peoples' explanations for seeking work abroad, and teachers are no exception.

With sometimes limited full-time options on their home soil, but not yet tied down to any one place, many teachers have jumped on board with the idea of using an international recruitment agency to jumpstart their careers. As the world we live in becomes more intricately connected and increasingly mobile, there is a great number of international teaching positions available—and not only for teaching English. Schools serving expat communities, as well as international schools requiring native English speakers for particular programs of study have a steady need for qualified and committed teachers. It is flourishing job market.  Gaining international work experience is a guaranteed way to enhance both one's personal and professional development and start building the asset of a respected résumé.

Career advancement via gaining unique work experience is another reason international recruitment agencies send teachers abroad. When fully embraced, the skill set one develops when working out of one's comfort zone evolves effectively into strong leadership qualities. Inspiring and motivating students anywhere is a teacher's daily challenge; inspiring and motivating them in the context of a different culture, language, and even support-system takes immense versatility and adaptability.  Initiative, problem solving skills, and robust classroom management abilities are all qualities that are acquired and are transferrable to any classroom or school system.

A teaching position overseas is an alternative, yet feasible, way to see the world.  Not everyone has the opportunity, time, or budget to travel as they'd like during their college years.  International recruitment agencies can direct teachers to positions in parts of the world they'd like to visit. The real adventure begins as one immerses oneself in the authentic culture of a region, and becomes a part of the local community; to move beyond being a tourist to really experiencing a country.  Nearby countries also become more accessible to explore with respect to one's time and budget.  Earn an income and discover the world!

No matter where they are, teachers derive great satisfaction—indeed, even fulfillment—in standing in front of a classroom, teaching, and witnessing people learn. International recruitment agencies have long been aware of this: In a multi-cultural world, having the skills to both reach and effectively communicate with a culturally diverse student body is to be commended.