Leave Teacher Recruitment to an Agency

Leave Teacher Recruitment to an Agency

We Fill Your Teaching Jobs in Dubai So You Can Focus on the Big Picture

You have an entire school to run. That is no easy feat, but you’re quite the education administrator, and you’re up to the challenge. And this includes teacher recruitment—finding suitable teachers to teach English as a second language, with the right skills and qualifications to be worth every penny. After all, English is the international language of commerce. There’s just one problem, however. These ESL teaching jobs are in Dubai, or Abu Dhabi, or Saudi Arabia, or Kuwait, and the number of qualified English instructors doesn’t quite measure up to the number of students in your country. It might be time to think about hiring from overseas!

Here are a few great reasons to hire through an international teacher recruitment agency:

The Agency Handles the Legwork

It’s hard enough tracking down and interviewing teachers without international borders (not to mention time zones) between you. It can become both time-consuming and expensive to go through the process of contacting candidates all the way in Canada for interviews, not to mention a logistical nightmare. When you work with a recruitment agency, they handle the logistics for you. Any agency worth its salt has a large database of qualified instructors ready to take on teaching jobs in Dubai and beyond, and they’ll be able to produce a shortlist that meets your needs. They’ll interview candidates, and ensure they have both the qualifications and the travel documentation. All you need to do is pick an instructor from the list provided, which will be easy because…

The Shortlist Is Tailored to Your Needs

Not every school is looking for the same thing. While some are willing to provide opportunities to recent graduates and new recruits, for example, others are more discerning about hiring experienced professionals with years of international teaching under their belts. A recruitment agency will take your needs and requests into account, and only shortlist the candidates that it deems to be good enough for your school and your students. You’ll never find yourself sifting through a list of candidates, each more wrong for you than the last—if anything, your problem might be picking only one!

An Agency Makes It Simple

One you’ve selected the candidates for your teaching jobs in Dubai and the Middle East, Everything else will run as smoothly as you can imagine. The international teacher recruitment agency will make visa arrangements, manage travel and accommodations, and prepare the new recruit for their new job with briefings on your culture and what is expected of them. All you need to do is offer your new ESL teacher a warm welcome upon their arrival.