International Teaching Jobs: Lessons On The Ground!

International Teaching Jobs: Lessons On The Ground!

No matter how much you prepare for your upcoming international teaching job, you will always find that being assisted by seasoned professionals who understand the country you will be working in is really is worth its weight in gold. If this is your first posting abroad, this is especially important and your agency will also give you tips on what to do in the first weeks after your arrival in your host country so you can let the adventure begin and have peace of mind. Here are a few tips to prepare for your exciting new challenge!

Never Assume What The Weather Will Be

Is the temperature always warm in the Middle East? Many think so… and many are mistaken! What might seem like a warm destination can get quite chilly at night and you might be glad you brought your special winter slippers and wool sweater with you!

Lesson 1: Always know the average temperature of your host country during the day and at night!

Locate the Canadian Embassy

On my first posting oversees, I asked a cab driver to take me to the Embassy of Canada, only to find out twenty minutes later that we were headed to the Embassy of Ghana. Ah … another example of how communication in an intercultural setting is quite important! If I had known the exact location of the Canadian Embassy upon my arrival, it would have saved me a few minutes, but the driver and I did exchange a good laugh!

Lesson 2: Know where the Canadian Embassy is located, and carry their number with you.

Locate The Closest Hospitals

As soon as you land, locate the closest hospitals and keep your health insurer’s number with you at all times. The agency that connected you with your international teaching job can also recommend the best hospitals you should keep in mind in case you are in need of medical assistance.

Lesson 3: Be prepared and figure out the location of the closest hospital near your work, and close to where you live.

Phone Home: Buy A Skype Credit!

Upon landing in your host country, it will be so comforting for your family to know you arrived safe and sound.  And without doubt, you will want to catch up with your friends so they can see how happy you are in your new international teaching job. If someone you know does not have computer, buy a Skype credit to call regular phones via Skype, while you make arrangement to get a local cell phone.

Lesson 4: Keep in touch!

Do YOU have a lesson you would like to share regarding your international teaching posting? If so, share it with us!