International Teacher Recruitment Agencies Need You!

Teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi filled by the effective matching of candidate and school

International teacher recruitment agencies are in the business of knowing that International schools around the world continually strive to uphold—or even advance—a very high standard when it comes to their educational or academic offerings. Successful schools on the international stage maintain their competitive advantage in part by filling teaching jobs, say, in Abu Dhabi, with not only highly trained and experienced teachers, but ones who have been vetted by an international teacher recruitment agency as also being a good fit in regards to both the culture of a particular school and the culture of a country or region.

An international staff that philosophically embraces, and is on board with the mission set out before a particular school or school system is critically important to both its internal cohesiveness and the outside perception of it by the local community and prospective students. A teacher applying for a position in Abu Dhabi, for example, needs to be able to relate to a diverse student population—from indigenous students working to advance academically on a more global stage, to ex-patriot students attending for various lengths of stays—and help foster a cohesive and hard-working and vibrant school community.

International teacher recruitment agencies have come a long way in terms of offering a service that goes far beyond the hiring and provision of a qualified teacher for a particular school in a particular country. Therefore, most agencies really do no less than offer full service recruitment to the international school community; they do all the work! There are so many important variables at play when creating the right fit of teacher and school—for both parties—so filling that teaching position in Abu Dhabi is done the right way, right from the start! Here’s how an international teacher recruitment agency best serves a school looking to hire:

1. Pre-Screening: Using an agency for teacher hiring takes the task of looking for candidates off an administrator’s/human resource to-do-list, so a school can focus on doing what it’s mandated to do—teach. Agencies will not only do the recruiting, they’ll also screen and narrow the field so that the applications that do make it to an administrator’s desk meet all requirements and preferred qualities.

2. Personalized Service: Most international teacher recruitment agencies have offices around the world, ensuring that they have both local and up-to-date knowledge of the various regions and the schools that are found there. Similarly, prior to a teacher starting a job in Abu Dhabi or elsewhere, agencies will provide cultural and any other needed preparation to him or her, to ensure a smooth transition for both school and teacher.

3. Promotion: Many agencies also go the distance to promote and expose schools around the world by their extensive promotion of job openings. Agencies utilize both social and partner networks to get the word out far and wide about international school opportunities.