How to Get a Job Teaching English in China

How to Get a Job Teaching English in China

The secret’s out: China is one of the hottest destinations for teaching English abroad. With an estimated 300 million English learners, there is never any shortage of teaching jobs in this large country. If you are considering finding a teaching job in China, there are many ways you can prepare yourself beforehand. From the experts at International Teachers Plus, here are a few tips for getting an English teaching job in China:

Learn About the Country

The first step to getting a teaching job in China is acquainting yourself with the country. Through Online research, and with the help of books from your local library, learn everything there is to know about this country’s culture, history, art, food, and holidays and traditions. Understanding where you would be teaching will make you a much better candidate for teaching jobs abroad, and it shows that you take initiative.

Enroll in a TEFL Class

Becoming TEFL-certified is crucial for those planning on teaching English in China. It provides you with recognized qualifications that thousands of Chinese schools and institutions require for applying for teaching positions. The TEFL certification course can be taken in-person or Online, and provides you with the basics of teaching English as a second language. The in-person course takes about four weeks, and the Online certification 170 hours. Even if you have an undergraduate degree in education, a TEFL certification is required for most teaching abroad positions.

Find the Right Job

With databases like International Teachers Plus, finding the right job is made easy. We’ll help you find teaching and training vacancies at top-tier schools and institutions. It’s important to read the details of each position, and ensure you meet the qualifications before spending time on the application.

Make a Good First Impression

Once you’ve applied to teaching jobs in China, the next step will be to undergo interviews with potential employers over the phone and Skype. Even though the initial interview may be over the phone or through video, it’s important to present yourself confidently, dress appropriately, and speak with authority. This may be your only chance to introduce yourself.

Secure a Proper Visa

Depending on your home country, you may be required to obtain a work ‘z’ visa to teach in China. This must be arranged and applied for ahead of time, as it can take weeks, even months, to be processed. Contact the Chinese consulate to learn more about the requirements for this visa.

Teaching in China is one of the most rewarding and special jobs you could have. You’ll get to experience a unique culture, meet adventurous new people, and explore fantastic landscapes. To learn more about our open positions, contact us today at International Teachers Plus.