How To Choose Your International Recruitment Agency

How To Choose Your International Recruitment Agency

So you have decided to combine your skills as an educator and love of adventure to become a teacher in a foreign country. Congratulations! Now, where should you start to make your dream of a rewarding teaching career a reality? Visas, permits, lodging, contracts and intercultural communication... all of these aspects of finding employment abroad can seem daunting. However, there are a growing number of international teacher recruitment agencies that specialize in supporting you in your new and exciting career path. Which one should you put your trust into? Below are 5 things to look for in a recruitment agency once you have decided to embark on your professional adventure.

1.       They create win-win situations

A reputable agency always acts on your behalf, as well as on your future employer’s behalf, to ensure a smooth transition towards your new employment. Visa formalities, contracts, employment concerns and lodging are taken care of by the agency to make sure you have peace of mind knowing that you won’t be caught in tricky situations during your stay in your host country.

2.       They understand the importance of cross-cultural communication

The agency you put your trust into should offer you an orientation on your host country’s customs and culture. They are part of an honest dialogue with you and your future employer the moment you apply for your position of choice, and they must clearly provide you with important information on what you can expect while living overseas.

3.       They possess knowledge of demand

The best international teacher recruitment agencies are an integral and established part of a network of professional educators, (e.g. teachers and school principals), in your host-country. They are the agency that high-caliber schools go to time and again to provide them with the most qualified and dedicated teachers for their students.

4.       They know what motivates international teachers

Like many global educators, you possess a desire to see the world and a motivation to make a difference in the lives of students abroad. When you decide to become an international teacher, your world expands significantly. The best agencies will guide you, be a supportive presence along the way and give you plenty of tips on how to make your experience a memorable one! After all, it’s your skills, your adventure.

5.       They understand what your employer is looking for… You!

International recruitment agencies hire like-minded educators who, like you, are highly adaptable and open to new cultures, and who demonstrate a positive attitude and resourcefulness. Because of high demand, they are constantly looking for motivated candidates who are willing to take on the highly rewarding task of teaching overseas.

Teachers who are motivated by professional advancement and a desire for adventure are increasingly looking for the best agency to assist them in their new career path. Know what to look for so you can confidently pack your diploma in your suitcase and say… “Let the adventure begin!”