How a Recruitment Agency Can Help in Your Teaching Search Abroad

How a Recruitment Agency Can Help in Your Teaching Search Abroad

It is hard enough to find a job in your own city. It seems that many recent graduates and teachers are enduring the loss of teaching jobs in Canada and are thinking outside the box by seizing the opportunity to teach abroad. Many of these teachers-to-be have reached out to international recruitment agencies to assist them in their new teaching adventure. You get to travel, experience a new culture and gain some teaching experience spice up your resume. The hard part comes in deciding where to go, how to get there and where to work. So why should you contact international recruiting agencies to help in your job search instead of doing it alone?

1. Support

The right recruitment agency will not only help you with documents, visas and accommodations, but will also act as support in your job search. Deciding to teach somewhere abroad, such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), can be daunting at first. Once you're actually on your way, there are many things to think about: how will you meet people or what if you have questions while you're there? Respectable international recruiting agencies will be with you every step of the way to answer your questions and support you during your transition. Knowing that someone has your back, like a recruitment agency, allows you to relax a little more.

2. Mediation

International schools turn to international recruiting agencies for many reasons. Sometimes the schools don't have the time or resources to interview potential teachers or the school wants to communicate with someone who knows the language. A recruitment agency is your negotiator for a good contract at a well-established school and can help you go over the fine print details so you know exactly what you're getting.

3. Knowledge

It is always nice to have the inside scoop on jobs instead of wading through confusing online job listings. International recruiting agencies will save you the extra work by knowing what jobs are available where you want to teach and what vacancies need filling. A recruiting agency also knows all about the place you are going to be living and will fill you in on the bigger picture of not only working abroad, but living there too.

4. Experience

International recruiting agencies, whether they specify in a certain region or certain types of contracts, usually know what makes a good match when it comes to placing teachers. After all, a recruitment agency has years of experience looking at the personality, experience and goals of a teacher and finding an appropriate position in a school that will let them shine and develop their skills.

Due to the increase in applicants, having more qualifications--like a University degree, TEFL certification, teaching experience---and all of the necessary paper work in order, including a valid passport, criminal record check and references, definitely works in your favour when applying with a recruitment agency and will ensure you are ready to take on an exciting position overseas.