Find Out How to Teach in China

Find Out How to Teach in China

Teaching adults and children can be a rewarding career as you see the effects in your pupils’ daily lives. But often many teachers don’t see interesting opportunities in their own province as there can be a ton of competition, so they choose to look further afield. Often many teachers choose to teach overseas. This can gain them valuable work experience so they can come back to their home country to find a well-paying teaching career.

China is a country full of history and culture. There is plenty to interest the teacher, all while teaching students at the best schools. Contracts begin with one school year and can last for up to two years, with a chance to continue beyond that.

Where Do I Start?

Once you’ve decided that you want to travel to China and teach for a year or two, you’ll need to sort through opportunities to choose your city and school. The International Teachers Plus website is a great start. This site lists teaching vacancies throughout the world, including China.

Why Should I Choose Partners in Learning and Teaching?

We have over twenty years of experience. Our team members also have an extensive combined teaching experience. Our company possesses the knowledge and experience of placing suitable teachers with the right schools and organizations.

Our company consists of Recruitment Consultants in Canada that can assist you in finding teaching opportunities across our vast network. We have a solid understanding of the issues with teaching in China, and aim for honest communication.

How Does the Selection Process Work?

Click on the link that says “View Teaching Vacancies”. Scroll down the list to find opportunities in China, then click on any that stand out. You’ll be presented with a list of requirements, and the salary and benefits that you will receive. You may click on the Apply Now button to get started.

When applying for a teaching position in China you’ll be required to submit paperwork on your academic degrees, certificates, transcripts, and personal certificates. You’ll also be required to produce a proven teaching record, and references from past jobs. You’ll also be notified if there are any other requirements that the job opening needs.

After you have applied for a position on our website, we’ll read through your detailed profile. We ensure that there are realistic expectations between candidates and clients. We shortlist candidates to be interviewed for the position.

We continue providing professional support right through the entire process, and until you have completed your contract. If there are any conflicts, we provide a mediation process to get it sorted.

Each of our teachers has found that teaching in China has been a rewarding experience.

Visit Our Site and Choose Your Teaching Position Now!

If you’re ready for change in your life, head to our website to view our available teaching opportunities in China. If you see any that look interesting to you, please go ahead and sign up! Soon you could be on your way to a teaching career in China!