8 Great Reasons to Find a Teaching Job in UAE

8 Great Reasons to Find a Teaching Job in UAE

If You've Ever Considered an International Education Position, It's Time to Think about Teaching Jobs in Dubai or another City in the Middle East

Teaching overseas can be an incredibly rewarding experience, and the Middle East is one of the most desirable places for educators to go. Even though openings for teaching jobs in UAE can be competitive, you won't mind putting in a little extra work because there are so many exciting things about teaching overseas. Here are eight great reasons to go for it:

The Benefits

Many teaching jobs in Dubai or other cities of the United Arab Emirates come with a host of great benefits. These may include paid flights, living accommodations for the length of your employment, health insurance, and more.

The Climate

Don't want to pack a wardrobe for different seasons when you go abroad? Land a teaching job somewhere in the UAE and you'll enjoy pleasantly hot weather all year round.

The Variety of Positions

No matter what age group you're looking to teach—from early years and primary to high school, or even adults—there are many options, in a variety of educational facilities, open to international teachers.

The Salary

There is a range depending on the position and the type of school, but teaching salaries in the Middle East can be anywhere from $2,500 to $4,000 per month.

The Tax Savings

Many teaching jobs in Dubai have tax-free salaries—though it depends on your experience as an educator and the school in question.

The Contract Length

If you dislike the idea of constantly moving, teaching in UAE might be for you! A large number of schools provide contracts of two or three years, so you can feel settled in your position.

The Culture

The Middle East is a part of the world rich in culture and tradition, and home to blossoming cities. If you take a teaching job in Dubai or another heritage-rich city, you can spend your time outside the classroom learning all about a new culture.

The Reputation

As we mentioned earlier, teaching jobs in the UAE are highly competitive. If you do earn a position teaching abroad, it will serve as a glowing example of your ability to stand out among educators worldwide.

It's hard to imagine a job that gives you more room to grow and learn than a teaching job in Dubai or any of the other rapidly-growing cities of the UAE. If you were unsure before about becoming part of a group dedicated to bringing the very best educators to the Middle East, then these eight reasons may be all the motivation you need. read some trivia questions