5 Important Things You Need to Know About International Teaching Jobs

5 Important Things You Need to Know About International Teaching Jobs

So you got your teaching degree and are looking for a job. Well, before you start looking in various school districts you might want to consider an alternative route - teaching internationally. There are extensive opportunities to teach overseas, you just need to find the right program. However, before you start handing in your resume and accepting interviews you should do your research. Determine if the program you're interviewing for is the right fit for you as well as the location where they offer teaching positions.

Today we want to share with you a few things you should know about international teaching jobs and why they’re so great.


You Gain Perspective

Not only are you doing what you’re passionate about but you’re also teaching in a country that is completely different from your own. You’re learning about a different culture, mannerisms, and life in a place that is foreign. In a way you’re both teaching and learning when you accept a job in a different country. You get a whole new perspective and a whole new appreciation for teaching by doing this. Which is great because all of that perspective will help you as you develop your teaching skills.


Beautiful Campuses

Now, this may vary from location to location but generally wherever you end up teaching is more than likely in a beautiful place. Even if it’s more in tune with its indigenous roots, you’ll never get an opportunity to teach the people you are teaching in that moment, and that is beautiful in itself. International schools are often some of the most beautiful campuses around. So if you’re lucky enough to travel abroad and teach at one of these campuses then count your lucky stars.


Competitive Packages

If you’re offered an international teaching job, chances are you’re getting offered room and board, or an allowance for room and board, health insurance benefits and airfare to and from the host country. That all sounds pretty hard to beat, don’t you think?


Professional Development

Not only do international schools offer dynamic work environments, they also help you every step of the way as you make the transition into your new teaching role. You’re sure to find other educators from different backgrounds who have studied and taught in several other countries. All of who have developed a sense of how important teaching internationally can be on your professional growth. International schools and jobs are often very dedicated to the professional development of the teachers they hire. Often you’ll find yourself attending seminars, training sessions before you leave for the country and while you’re in the host country, and other workshops that encourage growth and development as an educator.


You’ll be Able to Get More Work Once Your Teaching Gig is up

Don’t think that teaching abroad will get you nowhere, because in actuality it will take you further than teaching at your local middle school for ten years. Demand is often high for teachers with experience teaching abroad so you may even find yourself traveling around Europe teaching English.