4 Things International Recruitment Agencies Want You to Remember

4 Things International Recruitment Agencies Want You to Remember

The "Dos and Don'ts" of Teaching Abroad

It's official! Your international recruitment agency is sending you abroad to spread your knowledge. In the midst of all the excitement, it's important to remember that there are preparations you need to make. Your recruitment agency is fully experienced in adding value while relocating you to a new place for you to teach. Despite the exciting and perhaps overwhelming feelings you may have as you approach your leaving date, there are a several things worth keeping in mind such as what to do and what not to do while teaching abroad:

Do: Learn or Use the Native Language of your Students

This will help form a bond with your students. If you are teaching English but you can speak the students' native language, don't keep it from them, as they may feel disappointed that you knew their language all along. When you encourage the native language in the classroom, this may help the students comprehend English as a new language. They will learn to think in two different languages.

Do: Reach Out to Students and Colleagues

Learn about your students' interests and ask them what they think helps them learn. They may have tricks that you hadn't thought about or that your international recruitment agency didn't mention, that would help you help them. As well, reach out to your fellow teacher-colleagues at the school you will be teaching. If they have been there for some time before you, they most likely have some advice to pass on to you that they have learned themselves. Ask your recruitment agency to connect you with former teachers so that you can hear some tips from them.

Don't: Act Like You're On Vacation

When they hire you, your international recruitment agency trusts that you will not take this job treating it like a paid vacation. Students want to be taken seriously and they rely on your guidance to learn a new subject. Taking your job seriously includes not partying so hard that you get a mean hangover and feeling like you'll be sick in front of your students who are eager to learn. Your recruitment agency as well as your superiors at your school expects professionalism from you. Therefore, even though you'll be in a foreign city, this job requires that you be on the ball at all times.

Don't: Be Culturally Unaware

When teaching abroad, as your international recruitment agency will tell you, you may suddenly feel like the minority in the organization you'll be working for. You will undoubtedly bring some Western culture and knowledge with you, which students will likely welcome, but keep in mind the culture and values of the country you will be working in. Be aware of what is current in your country of residence so that your activities and examples are relatable to your students.

Remember, be informed about your new country and reach out to those around your for the best experience abroad!