3 Tips to Get a Job Through an International Recruitment Agency

3 Tips to Get a Job Through an International Recruitment Agency

Whether you're a recent graduate, a teaching professional, or someone looking for a new adventure, teaching abroad presents an exciting and affordable opportunity to broaden your horizons. But once you know you want to teach English abroad, how do you go about doing it? Many candidates don't know the recruiting timelines, reversed school calendars, international job fairs and work visa requirements. For this reason, enlisting the help of an international recruitment agency can expedite the process and get you a job as quickly as possible. If you're looking into international recruitment agencies, here are a few key things you need to know:

1. Get Certified

There are two main certifications when it comes to teaching abroad:

A) Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
B) Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

Both certifications can usually be taken either as an online course or through an in-class program. Choosing a specific certification program can be a complicated process but your international recruitment agency should be able to provide you with reliable and accredited sources. Some programs may also require a diploma such as a Bachelor's degree.

2. Go Where the Market Is

The need for educators is an international epidemic, and one that even our own country faces; however, because of funding issues, this need does not necessarily equal a glut of open positions. While you might have your heart set on one location, your chances of getting a job through international recruitment agencies increases if you look for a position in countries with the most opportunity. Currently, that place would be the Middle East, as it continues to dominate the international education market. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) leads the world for the number of English-medium international schools, with around 505 schools teaching over 452,900 students. By 2024, the International School Consultancy Group (ISC) predicts that Asia alone will have over 7,000 international schools.

3. Find a School

Searching for a school through international recruitment agencies is far safer than doing it on your own. Searching job boards and speaking directly to individuals leaves a lot of unknown variables. Through international recruitment agencies, you'll be applying for positions at schools with which the recruitment agency already has connections. You'll be able to make a more informed choice and ensure a secure position.

There are many benefits to teaching abroad, but it's still a difficult and life-changing decision to make. A recruitment agency can help expedite your journey and provide answers along the way. After all, once you've decided on this new adventure, why wait?