Teaching Jobs - Associate Director Academic Affairs-Health Science College

Job Description:

The Associate Director oversees academic operations at a Health Science College and works side by side with the Heads of other programs to achieve the vision, mission and objectives of the organization.

  • Supervises all matters relating to curriculum and instruction, including various designated courses, scheduling and overloads
  • Oversees development and implementation of academic strategic planning; establish priorities and plans for program development, faculty recruitment and development
  • Provides academic input to enrolment efforts; coordinate periodic academic program review and work with Heads of Programs in the review
  • Responsible for sustaining an environment of academic and professional excellence for students and faculty and a healthy workplace culture and collaborative working environment with educational team members
  • Assures the quality of all programs offered, quality services to end users; development, growth, involvement, and recognition of employees, teaching and learning strategies, and environment are conducive to innovation, positive thinking and expansion

Curriculum Development:

  • Supports all academic programs to provide quality education with overall consistency to meet the needs of the marketplace
  • Chairs the Curriculum Committee for the development/revision and/or implementation of all curricula in the organization
  • Collaborates with the Heads of the Academic Programs/Departments to organize regular evaluations of curricula
  • Guides the relevant Student Committees for overall improvement
  • Coordinates with Manager of Student Services, Registrar and networks with all outside industry professionals to discuss new developments and trends and to obtain feedback on curriculum effects
  • Compliance with System Rules, Regulations, and Accrediting Criteria
  • Ensures the appropriate accrediting criteria and requirements are maintained

Leadership and vision:

  • Develops and maintains a vision for educational growth
  • Develops the Education Strategic Plan decided by the Senior Academic
  • Participates as a member of the Executive Committee

Community Responsibilities

  • Develops educational relationships with hospitals and community-based clinical placement providers and other institutions as required
  • Elevates the visibility and image of the Organization in the community
  • Enhances internship opportunities within the community by maintaining a quality educational presence

Fiscal Responsibilities:

  • Manages the scheduling process for maximizing efficiencies while maintaining educational outcomes
  • The Associate Director performs all other duties assigned by the Director

Required Qualifications:

  • Must have a PhD in Health Science field, preferably in Nursing
  • Bachelor and Master degrees in Nursing
  • Excellent English Communications skills and could pass an IELTS test at a Level 7


  • Achievement focused
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • High level of skill to manage resources
  • Strong team worker with highly developed leadership abilities
  • Excellent skills in negotiations and influencing
  • Strategic thinker
  • Advanced strategic networking abilities

Required Experience:

  • 5 - 10 years of experience in Health Science Education with Senior Academic Management experience, post PHd preferably
  • Full Professor status teaching Nursing at College or University in the UK, US, CA, AU, NZ, ZA (Due to Visa restrictions)
  • Experience working internationally in a similar capacity
  • Experience in working with people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds
  • Knowledge in National and International Accreditation and Education systems

This is a Senior Management post for an Educator experienced from the Academic field at College or University level who already has similar leadership experiences

Monthly Salary Range:

TAX FREE Monthly Salary range from AED 30,000 – 35,000 depending on qualifications and years of experience


Monthly Housing Allowance is provided depending on Marital Status

Health Insurance Coverage:

Medical Coverage is for employee, spouse and up to 3 dependents

Annual Air Tickets:

Cash Allowance for Annual Return Airfare for employee, spouse and up to 3 dependents. Amount depends on location of home country


In addition to official holidays, paid leave is allocated as per academic calendar and as per the country Labour law. Minimum 35 work days per year

Dependant School Fees:

Tuition fees paid for up to 3 dependents attending school in same country as employee

Visa & Medical Check Fees:

Visa and medical check up fees for Residency Visa covered for employee only

Employee is responsible for Visa Fees for dependents

End Of Service Benefit:

Airfare to home country for Employee, Spouse and up to 3 dependents plus one-month Basic Salary as a bonus, for each year completed, as per Labour law of country

Contract Period:

Open Contract - renewable yearly


UAE - Abu Dhabi

Paperwork Requirements:

Attested qualifications, marriage and birth certificates of dependents. Instructions will be provided

Start Date:

August 2022

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