Teaching Jobs - School Improvement Consultant - EYFS and Primary

Job Description:

The School Improvement Consultant for Early Years and Primary grades will assist to systematically plan, articulate, and implement the curriculum, instruction, and assessment in order to improve student achievement in the schools. Will also inspect all aspects of the concerned schools from time to time and report all matters to the Education Director.

  • Systematically and accurately monitors all standards of teaching and learning and other activities which support or impact on such processes & submits periodic reports to the Director of Education and the CEO asdirected.
  • Develops and uses appropriate School Quality Review (SQR) tools and standards for collecting reliable and precise data. Analyzes, interprets and writes reports, upholding the highest standards of professionalism, and making objective judgements.
  • Conducts occasional evaluation visits to schools and checks on different aspects according to Standards including school effectiveness, academic performance, development of personal skills by learners, professional development, and writes technical reports that reflectobservations.
  • Ensures that all schools have sound assessment framework policies for student achievements and develop reports to monitor studentachievements.
  • Ensures that all schools adapt best recognized educational resources for different subjects.
  • Writes honest periodic reports on each school, to inform Education Director with evidence-based information about the school's development and identifies areas of improvement for technical and administrative aspects.
  • Assistsin the development of updated School Quality Review (SQR) data and systems, to keep them on track for measuring school quality, focusing on the coherence of the school’s system andperformance.
  • Conducts, promotes, establishes, and supports the implementation of professional development programs in order to disseminate best practices. Training sessions are conducted for SMT, teachers, TA’s, and other admin staff to further enhance their knowledge and skills in all aspects of schoolwork, using different questioning techniques and interpersonal communication skills to achieve triangulation and collaboration in terms of school assessment.
  • Provides comprehensive assessment on the performance of each school that summarizes their observations, using a common set of criteria and a standard approach in these reviews, and advises on an action plan for school improvement addressing areas of weakness and needed support.
  • Engages in the development, implementation and assessment of curriculum enrichment, and crosscutting curricula issues.
  • Coordinates and provides professional training and curriculum support to relevant stakeholders. Develops training materials for programs/activities by utilizing various research methods and media (DVD, CD, internet etc.) to effectively conduct training to develop stakeholders’ skills.
  • Assists the Director of Education and principals in the development of the comprehensive professional development and curriculum plan for the field and provides H/PD&C with feedback data from training and curricula activities in order to support the implementation of research-based theories and techniques of professional developmentprograms.
  • Oversees and monitors the examination process (planning, organization, administration, processing and exam correction) for all levels of external and internal examinations and liaises with examination and assessment officers, principals, Head Teachers, etc. regarding these processes.

Required Qualifications:

  • Master Degree in Education or Education Administration & Leadership from a recognized University (From the UK preferred, as it is for British Curriculum)
  • Bachelor Degree in Education or Teaching Subject from a recognized University (From the UK preferred, as it is for British Curriculum)
  • Teaching License/Certification from one of the following Countries: (UK, US, CA, AU, NZ, ZA and Scandinavian countries) UK preferred
  • Specialized trainings required (if any): NPQH and or similar certification
  • Experience teaching the National Curriculum for England in the UK or an international setting
  • Thorough knowledge and experience of working with British Curriculum and familiarity with all other key aspects of  UK education
  • Must have excellent English communication skills

Required Experience:

  • Minimum 5 years experience as a School Advisor-Consultant or in a similar Role
  • Has experience with OFSTED Inspection
  • Experience teaching at the Primary grade levels
  • Is culturally sensitive, dependable, flexible and able to work in a continuously changing environment

Monthly Salary Range:

TAX FREE Monthly QAR 20,00 to 24,000 depending on qualifications and years of experience


  • 2 bedroom fully furnished accommodation provided for the 1st year of employment including utilities
  • Accommodation Allowance as per grade and family size provided from 2nd year of employment onwards

Health Insurance Coverage:

Health Insurance provided for employee, spouse and 2 dependents

Annual Air Tickets:

  • Annual return Air fare to home country for employee, spouse and for two dependents. Relocation air ticket also provided at beginning and end of contract
  • Excess baggage allowance up to 1000 QR at start of contract (with receipt proof)


In addition to official holidays, paid leave is allocated as per school calendar/breaks. Minimum 30 work days per year plus all official holidays as per labour law of country

Dependant School Fees:

100% discount provided for two dependents attending same school as employee

Visa & Medical Check Fees:

Residence Visa Fees will be paid for employee, spouse and 2 dependents once at destination

End Of Service Benefit:

School will pay 1 month Basic Salary per each full year worked according to Labour Law of the country

Contract Period:

1 - 2 year contract - renewable



Paperwork Requirements:

Notarized and Attested academic degrees, teaching certificates, transcripts, marriage and dependent birth certificates.  You will be advised of school requirements

Start Date:

August 2024

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