Teaching Jobs - Principal and Lead Examiner

Job Description:

  • As the Principal and Lead Examiner you will oversee the writing and production of question papers and mark scheme for 4 Assessment windows.
  • Your are be responsible for ensuring the security and integrity of the school Examinations system
  • The Principal/ Lead examiner’s role includes: Writing exam papers in liaison with subject leads and school leaders, checking the final proof of the assessment material, ensuring that the mark scheme is fit for purpose, and preparing a detailed mark scheme where necessary, conducting standardisation meetings to ensure that team leaders and Lead Teachers understand both the administrative procedures and the mark scheme, and will mark consistently and accurately
  • Supervising the marking process, monitoring the standards and reporting on the work of the team leaders and/or Lead teachers allocated to you, and taking steps to ensure accuracy and consistency.
  • This includes: re-marking samples of scripts from team leaders/assistant examiners, reporting back to team leaders/Lead Teacher on the consistency of their marking and recommending scaling of examiners’ marking, where necessary
  • Mentoring new team leaders and ensuring that arrangements are in place to mentor new Lead Teachers
  • Preparing a final mark scheme in order to provide all examiners with the means to mark scripts consistently.
  • Marking a specified number of scripts
  • Preparing reports on the examination, as required
  • Working with the Senior Data Analyst to recommend component and grade threshold marks
  • Assisting with any Grade Review and attending Grade Review Meetings
  • Undertaking re-marking and report writing following result enquiries
  • Acting as a consultant and offering advice on matters related to the examinations
  • Assisting with the provision of training for teachers or examiners

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor Degree in relevant field from a recognized University
  • Qualifications in Leadership
  • Culturally sensitive, dependable, flexible and able to work in a continuously changing environment

Required Experience:

  • Minimum 5 years experience as Principal, preference given to GL,Cambridge, Edexcel exam writer (some in an International School Environment preferred)
  • Must have excellent English Communications skills
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills; proven ability to communicate with diverse
    audiences, to develop support for initiatives among stakeholders, and to motivate and work
    cooperatively with others
  • Exceptional analytical skills, including an ability to innovate ways of communicating complex
  • Ability to focus on detail and accuracy when compiling reports;
  • Excellent organizational, time management and planning skills including the ability to be flexible in
    order to achieve targets;
  • Ability to produce written reports suitable for a variety of audiences;
  • Ability to form good working relationships with colleagues and external clients.
  • Proactive problem solver who demonstrates initiative and passion for work
  • Strong work ethic, including a demonstrated ability to set and meet high goals as well as ability to
    establish timelines and consistently meet deadlines

Monthly Salary Range:

Competitive TAX FREE Monthly Salary range from QAR 30,000 to 35,000 depending on qualifications and experience


  • Housing Allowance depending on marital status
  • Utilities paid QAR 300 if Single or QAR 500 for family status

Health Insurance Coverage:

Medical insurance for employee and 2 dependents

Annual Air Tickets:

Annual air tickets are covered for employee and 2 nominated dependents


In addition to official holidays, paid leave is allocated as per academic calendar and as per country Labour law. Minimum 30 work days per year

Dependant School Fees:

100% discount for 2 children attending the same school as employee

Visa & Medical Check Fees:

Fees will be paid for employees only. Employee is responsible for dependent fees

End Of Service Benefit:

Gratuity of 21 days of basic salary for each year worked, as per Labor law

Contract Period:

1 - 2 year contract - renewable


Doha - Qatar

Paperwork Requirements:

Notarized and Attested academic degrees, teaching certificates, transcripts, marriage and dependent birth certificates. You will be advised of school requirements

Start Date:

August 2023

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