Teaching Jobs - Curriculum Development Senior Manager

Job Description:

The Senior Manager is responsible for the overall development and implementation of the Curriculum for numerous Secondary schools. He/she is responsible for alignment of the Curriculum within acceptable standards for each subject area and to ensure that the curriculum is appropriate for preparing students for successfully completing advanced placement courses. The Senior Manager will manage a team of 10 Curriculum Specialists, Lead Teachers and Head Librarian to ensure curricular materials are aligned. This position will report to the Director of High Schools.  This person is responsible for planning, coordinating and providing staff development to ensure faculty and staff remain current in curricular and pedagogical changes. The Senior Manager serves as an active member of the Leadership Team and gets involved in many Senior projects across partner and government agencies.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Oversee curriculum alignment to standards, correcting overlaps and omissions, and ensuring appropriate horizontal and vertical articulation
  • Assist Lead Teachers in annual curriculum review and update
  • Undertake five-year curriculum review for each discipline involving literature review, program assessment, data analysis, materials review, and developing the proposal
  • Bring curriculum review proposals to the administration and board approval process and oversea their implementation
  • Assist Lead teachers in identifying and addressing annual goals
  • Oversee development and implementation of policies related to curriculum
  • Meet with individual teachers to discuss curriculum related issues and progress
  • Network with curriculum specialists
  • Submits a monthly update to the Director
  • Works with the technology team to facilitate the integration of technology into the curriculum. 


  • Assist teachers in matching appropriate assessment instruments to curriculum objectives
  • Assist teachers in developing student exemplars and establishing clearly articulated assessment standards
  • Coordinate a programme of standardized testing for all Grades
  • Provide leadership and direction in the use of assessment data for the improvement of student learning
  • Oversee development and implementation of policies related to assessment

Curriculum Resources

  • Maintain detailed and accurate inventories of curriculum resources (tests, supplies and equipment)
  • Develop department budgets and work with principals and department Curriculum Specialists on establishing purchasing priorities
  • Work with publishing companies to ensure a broad range of samples for new program adaptations
  • Oversea the work of the purchasing officer in developing purchase orders, soliciting and selecting bids from suppliers, confirming and tracking the status of orders, tracking department budgets
  • Collect and analyse data, prepare scheduled and special reports, maintain program/project records and statistical information

Professional Development

  • Plan, organize, coordinate and evaluate program of professional development
  • Conduct workshops, conferences and other training sessions
  • Consult with department curriculum specialists on department needs
  • Network with regional organizations in planning conferences and speakers in support of school initiatives
  • Oversee development and implementation of policies and procedures related to professional development
  • Write proposals for new training programmes
  • Participate in ongoing professional staff development experiences as a means of enhancing the instructional support provided to teachers


  • Chair the steering committee overseeing all activities related to accreditation
  • Monitor committees, including soliciting and reviewing membership, developing agenda, responding to meeting minutes, writing recognition letters
  • Schedule in-service days
  • Compile survey reports
  • Review, respond to, edit and publishing all reports
  • Coordinate collection of supporting evidence
  • Report progress to the community including presentations, news articles, and letters

Required Qualifications:

  • A Master degree in Education or Scientific Subject
  • A Bachelor degree in Engineering or Science or Math a must
  • A Phd in Education or relavant subject preferred
  • Qualifications from the UK, US, CA, AU, NZ, ZA, Scandinavia (due to Visa restrictions)
  • Equivalency of degrees is required from the UAE Ministry of Higher Education after joining organization

Required Experience:

  • 10 years experience in Education institutions with relevant classroom teaching
  • 5 years experience in Senior Management position 
  • Experience with Curriculum Development
  • Computer knowledge
  • Previous participation in accreditation exercises
  • Overseas experience in education preferably
  • Demonstrated success working within a high performing educational institution
  • Excellent English skills and a IELTS score of no less than 6.5 for non-native English speakers

Monthly Salary Range:

Competitive TAX FREE salary of AED 30,000 – 34,000 depending on qualifications and years of experience.


First 29 days employee stays in a hotel suite. Housing Allowance provided as follows for employee to find accommodation (Help will be given):

7,480 to 15,500 AED monthly depending on marital status, location and position

PLUS:  RELOCATION ALLOWANCE of AED 25,000 (If hired outside of UAE). Half upon arrival and half after 3 month probation period

Health Insurance Coverage:

Provided for for the employee & family (spouse and up to 3 children under the age of 18 years)

Annual Air Tickets:

Provided for the employee & family (spouse and up to 3 children under the age of 18 years)


Approximately 2 months summer holidays, plus national holidays and term breaks

Dependant School Fees:

AED 80,000/- per annum per family (maximum AED 40,000 per child)

Visa & Medical Check Fees:

Paid for the employee & family (spouse and up to 3 children under the age of 18 years)

End Of Service Benefit:

Employee is eligible for a gratuity (calculated as one month salary as per the number of years completed and as per the last basic salary amount)

Contract Period:

On year, renewable yearly


Abu Dhabi, UAE

Paperwork Requirements:

All documents will need to be Notarized and Attested as per school and country policies.  Instructions will be given later.

Start Date:

January 2024

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