Teaching Jobs - English Teachers

Job Description:

English (Language Arts) teachers required for Primary, Intermediate and Secondary grade levels.

Develop lesson plans and themes for curriculum objectives specific for teaching English (Language Arts) in BOYS Schools. Instruct through lectures, discussions, and demonstrations. Use computers, audiovisual aids, and other equipment and materials to supplement presentations. Adapt teaching methods and instructional materials to meet the varying needs and interests of students. Facilitate learning by establishing a relationship with students and organizing learning resources and the classroom environment.

Meeting with parents or guardians, teachers, counselors and administrators to resolve any possible behavioural or academic problems. Attend professional development workshops and educational conferences to maintain and improve professional competence. Establish and enforce rules for class management and student behaviour. Prepare, administer, and grade tests and assignments to evaluate student progress.

Required Qualifications:

Bachelor Degree in English, Literature or Linguistics from a recognized University in the UK, CA, US, AU, NZ, ZA (due to Visa restrictions)


• Must have excellent English communication skills and could pass an IELTS at level 7

  • Can deal effectively with student behaviour issues

Required Experience:

• Minimum 3 years experience teaching English to either Primary, Intermediate or Secondary grade levels

• Culturally sensitive, dependable, flexible and able to work in a continuously changing environment

Monthly Salary Range:

Competitive TAX FREE Monthly salary range of SAR 11,250 - 14,000 ($3000 - $3750) depending on qualifications and experience


  • Singles will receive a Furnished Apartment with Transportation provided
  • Married candidates will receive a HOUSING ALLOWANCE of 3 months Basic Salary per year plus Transportation Allowance of SAR 500 monthly
  • A furnished apartment is another option with transportation provided

Health Insurance Coverage:

Medical insurance provided for employee, spouse and 2 dependents under 18

Annual Air Tickets:

Annual air fare for employee, spouse and 2 dependents under 12.

If above 12 years old, the difference must be paid by employee


In addition to official holidays,

Summer Vacation: is 45 days

Semester Break:  4-7 days as per MOE policy

Eid Al Fitr (Ramadan) 8-10 days as per MOE policy

Sick Leave:  10 days for minor illness upon Doctors report

Major Health issues upon hospital report maximum 3 months, (1st month full salary paid, 2nd and 3rd months at 50% salary)

All in accordance with Labour Laws and school policy and procedures

Dependant School Fees:

50 - 70% discount for G1 - G12 based on number of years' working at school for up to two children attending same school as employee.  No discount for KG1 - KG2

This is according to availability

Visa & Medical Check Fees:

Visa processing Fees will be paid for employees only.

Employee is responsible for Medical Check up Fees and for Visa Processing fees for dependents

End Of Service Benefit:

Gratuity of half salary for the first 5 years of service. Afterwards, 1 month salary for each year worked as per Country Labour law

Contract Period:

1 year contract - renewable


Saudi Arabia - Jeddah

Paperwork Requirements:

Notarized and Attested academic degrees, teaching certificates, transcripts, marriage and dependent birth certificates. You will be advised of school requirements.

Start Date:

August 2024

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