Teaching Jobs - Vice Principal of Primary School

Job Description:

Vice Principal for Primary School for at an established, private school in Kuwait where the British curriculum is taught and local values respected. The Vice Principal has the primary job responsibilities of supervising Staff and Student monitoring and discipline. The Vice Principal, under the direction of the Principal, implements and enforces school board policies, administrative rules and regulations. In the absence of the Principal, the VP shall assume the duties and responsibilities of the Principal. The VP will work cooperatively with the school and building administrative team, support school-wide goals and initiatives, and be held directly accountable to the Principal.


1. Adheres to and enforces board policy, school guidelines, administrative directives, the Master Contract, and company standards.

2. Enforces guidelines to maintain proper discipline and conduct.

3. Assists in the development and administration of policies dealing with discipline, conduct, and attendance.

4. Communicates relevant policies and procedures with regard to student discipline, conduct, and attendance to students, staff, and parents.

5. Assists the Principal with student expulsions.

6. Works with and assists faculty in the development of effective classroom discipline and organization.

7. Maintains an effective and safe school environment.

8. Assists Principal with fire and safety drills on a regular basis and is able to implement emergency evacuations and lock-downs effectively.

9. Assists in curriculum development to meet the needs of all students.

10. Prepares required reports and paperwork such as discipline reports, student discrimination complaints, injury reports, parent communications, and other paperwork as assigned.

11. Works with the Building Principal in the preparation of appropriate handbooks.

12. Assists in the selection and mentoring of staff.

13. Supervises and evaluates certified and paraprofessional as assigned.

14. Supervises support services as assigned.

15. Assists in the development of an instructional needs.

16. Works as a team member to meet the system-wide needs.

17. Assists in supervision of special events.

18. Assists in the care and management of the building and grounds, furniture, equipment, apparatus, books, and supplies.

20. Performs other duties as assigned by the Principal.

Required Qualifications:

Master degree from an accredited college or university in Education Leadership or a related area from the UK preferred

  • Bachelor degree in teaching subject from the UK preferred

• Must have excellent English communications skills and could pass an IELTS exam to level 7

• Proven track record of student academic success or significant academic gains

  • Experience providing coaching/mentoring to teachers around classroom management and instruction

Required Experience:

• Minimum 3 years experience as Vice Principal of Primary grades, preferable in an British school 

  • Minimum 5 years teaching experience with British curriculum

• Culturally sensitive, dependable, flexible and able to work in a continuously changing environment

Monthly Salary Range:

TAX FREE monthly salary approximately KD 1700 depending on qualifications and experience


One or two bedroom apartment depending on Marital status and size of family

Or Housing Allowance of 250 Kuwaiti Dinar (rent is not expensive in Kuwait)

All utilities included

Health Insurance Coverage:

Medical Health coverage for employee only

Health Insurance is not expensive in Kuwait

Annual Air Tickets:

Cash value of Yearly Return airfare to home country for employee only


Annual summer vacation, Winter and Spring breaks, all government and religious holidays, sick leave, bereavement leave, and personal days are paid for in accordance with Labour Laws, school policy and procedures.


Dependant School Fees:

Tuition discount of 50% for up to two children attending same school as employee

Visa & Medical Check Fees:

Some initial paperwork and medical reports are necessary for teachers to acquire on their own before traveling to Kuwait, however school does provide for reimbursement with receipts shown. Once landed in Kuwait, school takes over arranging and payment for remaining requirements for Visa

End Of Service Benefit:

For each full year of service, school will pay 1 month Basic Salary per year worked according to Labour Law of the country

Contract Period:

1 - 2 year contract - renewable yearly



Paperwork Requirements:

Notarized and Attested academic degrees, teaching certificates, transcripts, marriage and dependent birth certificates. You will be advised of school requirements

Start Date:

August 2022

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