Teaching Jobs - ESL Language School Instructors

Job Description:

A Language School in Bahrain is looking for ESL instructors to develop lesson plans in line with objectives specific for teaching ESL at all levels. Students range from children to adults.  They also have Corporate accounts where teacher would go to a workplace to conduct ESL teacher. Instruct through lectures, discussions, and demonstrations. Use computers, audiovisual aids, and other equipment and materials to supplement presentations. Adapt teaching methods and instructional materials to meet the varying needs and interests of students. Facilitate learning by establishing a relationship with students and organizing learning resources and the classroom environment.

The guaranteed salary a candidate will receive per month will be BHD 400 ($1060.) plus BHD 200 ($530.) for Living Allowance - approximately ($1,590 USD) covering a total of 90 teaching hours per month. An additional amount will be received at a rate of BHD 5 ($13 USD) per unit for any additional units taught (One unit is 45 minutes). A Travel Allowance of BHD 70 ($186.) monthly to go toward a Car Rental. (This means the Salary received will be more depending on number of hours worked, which is determined on the instructors’ performance and the feedback of customers)

The hours are spread out over 5 to 6 days each week, which means teacher is not teaching full days all the time

Required Qualifications:

Bachelor Degree Required in English, Literature, Linguistics, Second Language Teaching, Communications, Journalism, Media

Native English speakers required

ESL Certification preferred

Must have a Driving License (teachers will need to rent a car to get around to different teaching venues) Public transportation is not reliable

Single candidates only as only Shared Accommodation is provided

One week training upon arrival in Bahrain.

Salary begins after the successful completion of training and teaching begins

Required 30 – 40 hours a week of teaching.  Teacher is only required to be at Teaching Venue for actual teaching hours


Required Experience:

• No teaching experience required as this is an entry level position, but experienced teachers are welcome

• Culturally sensitive, dependable, flexible and able to work in a continuously changing environment

Monthly Salary Range:

TAX FREE BASIC SALARY of BHD 400 ($1060 USD) covering 120 teaching units (approx. 90 hours) per month. Extra Payment of BHD 5 ($13 USD) per 45 minute unit for units exceeding 90 hours per month. Plus other Allowances


Free Shared Accommodation (3 bedroom flats: a master bedroom with one bathroom and 2 other bedrooms sharing one bathroom) Shared kitchen and Living room space

Living allowance of BHD 200 ($530 USD) monthly

Transport Allowance of BHD 70 ($186) per month (This covers half of monthly car rental)

Health Insurance Coverage:

Medical Insurance is FREE in Bahrain once candidates receive their Residentce Visa 

Annual Air Tickets:

Incoming airfare Ticket will be reimbursed after the 3 months probation period is over

Outgoing airfare Ticket after the completion of contract will be paid in full to the candidate destination


30 days paid vacation after completion of contract based on Basic Salary of $1060.

Instructors can apply for one week vacation after 6 months employment by giving one month notice and receiving approval

Dependant School Fees:

Not provided

Visa & Medical Check Fees:

Candidates travel on a Visit Visa paid by school and then it is converted to a Residence Visa

End Of Service Benefit:

End of Service payment of 1 month Basic Salary ($1060.) for each year worked when leaving the country

Contract Period:

1 year contract - renewable



Paperwork Requirements:

Notarized and Attested academic degrees.

Police Report

You will be advised of school requirements

Start Date:

June 2018

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