Teaching Jobs - Early Years Teacher

Job Description:

An International School in South Korea is looking for excellent, qualified Early Years Teachers for a January 2020 start.

Early Years teachers will have a range of specific duties and responsibilities - academic, administrative and professional.

This school achieved accreditation in the (IPC) International Primary Curriculum in June 2016 and is working towards re-accreditation in April 2020. The IPC forms the pedagogical and philosophical foundation of teaching and learning in the Primary Years and all teachers are expected to embrace and enhance the provision of this curriculum alongside their mission and vision. A teacher’s business is learning. This school’s Definition of Learning has been created out of a process which engaged children, parents and teachers in an exploration of what learning means. This includes subject, personal and international learning.


  • To be familiar with the (IEYC) International Early Years Curriculum and teach well planned lessons in independent yet interdependent subjects in conjunction with it
  • Make careful use of summative assessment data and differentiate for different learning needs, including learning support and English as an additional language, and perform regular formative assessment
  • Inform and engage parents regularly via class blogs on learning coming up, in action and home learning tasks
  • Write 2 reports a year; arrange parent-teacher conferences and learner-led conferences and any other conferences required
  • Lead 1 after school activity per week, perform duties and be prepared to organize, reconnaissance and attend trips, including residentials
  • Be familiar and work within all policies such as behavior, home learning and the teaching & learning policies as well as the staff handbook which outlines high expectations of professionalism
  • Contribute to school development in staff Professional Learning meetings and focus groups
  • Be alert to school communication and shared whole-school events and responsibilities
  • Lead an area for Learning for a broader area of the primaryschool


Required Qualifications:

  • Fully qualified teacher (degree and teaching qualification, or similar)
  • Excellent knowledge of how children learn
  • Excellent differentiation skills
  • Abilities and Attributes
  • Passion for learning
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong communication, including ICT skills and desire to keep developing these skills
  • Ability to exemplify the school's goals
  • Ability to plan creatively
  • Ability to work independently as a year group teache,r as well as, collaboratively with specialist and learning support teachers and learning assistant teachers
  • Desire to embrace continual professional development opportunities


Required Experience:

  • Fully qualified teacher (Bachelor of Education degree for KG or Early Years and/or eaching qualification)
  • At least 2 years qualified teaching experience
  • Knowledge of IEYC (desirable)
  • Experience of accreditation processes (desirable)

Monthly Salary Range:

TAX FREE 30,000,000 - 60,000,000 KRW Yearly ($25K - $50K USD) depending on qualifications and experience


All teachers receive a modern 3 bedroom apartment


1,000,000 KRW for PD Allowance ($840 USD)

After initial 2 year period Salary is increased one pay scale approximately 500,000 KRW ($400 USD)

Increased yearly after that by one pay scale

Health Insurance Coverage:

Private Medical Insurance is paid for Employee only

School and employee share in the cost of National Insurance coverage

Annual Air Tickets:

Annual Air fare paid for employee, spouse and up to 2 dependents under 18 years old


60 days holiday per year + around 10 national holidays. Teachers can request up to 5 days personal leave.  Plus 7 paid Sick days per year

Dependant School Fees:

The school fees are provided for FREE however they are subjected to tax (the amount related to salary level and spending so therefore figures can only be discussed on an individual basis). Based on children attending same school as employee

Visa & Medical Check Fees:

The school will reimburse all Visa and Medical Fees for employee only

End Of Service Benefit:

Reimbursement of one month salary for each year worked as per Korean Labour Law

Contract Period:

1 year contract - renewable


Koje, South Korea

Paperwork Requirements:

The List will be sent to candidates when hired.  Documents will need to be Notarized and Attested

Start Date:

August 2020

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